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Matthew Tetenbaum photoNew Visions

Celebrating Success Award Recipient Matthew Tetenbaum

“Creating a Kind and Compassionate Classroom Community”

New Visions School is proud to recognize Mr. Matthew Tetenbaum for “Creating a Kind and Compassionate Classroom Community”. Mr. Tetenbaum began his teaching career at New Visions in 2004 as a classroom teacher. He has since become one of our school’s Math Specialist and works diligently to improve his own practice and that of our teachers. It is said that good teaching is “half art and half heart”. Mr. Tetenbaum has both and might be characterized by his sensitivity toward all students. When speaking to his colleagues, many were able to provide specific examples of the ways in which he consistently creates a kind and compassionate classroom. Teachers and teacher assistants alike said things like, “He is the kindest, most caring person” and added, “He’s like that all the time.” Another stated, “He is always a gentleman.” Two teachers commented on a recent incident in which a student said something offensive and how Mr. Tetenbaum responded to the comment by taking the student outside of the classroom to not cause embarrassment and to explain why such comments are hurtful. I can say that as principal, whether working with a small group or with a whole class, I have never witnessed a time when Matt was unkind to a student. He is the epitome of what it means to be compassionate. I think that Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the US had people like Matt in mind when he said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is no truer than in the education of young children.  On behalf of the New Visions Faculty and Staff, it gives me great pleasure to present to Dr. Kuncham and his cabinet, Mr. Tetenbaum, our 2018 Superhero.