New Visions

Celebrating Success Award Recipient Marie Codispoti

Marie Codispoti has been chosen as the New Visions employee worthy of recognition for promoting the school’s visions. Nearly a 20-year veteran, Dr. Codispoti has demonstrated outstanding teaching through the years. Although considered a master teacher, she always views herself as "teacher as learner". She continues to serve as a mentor, sharing best practices with many of her colleagues. Dr. Codispoti has embraced and led New Visions School in the implementation of many school and district initiatives including:

  • Led grade level in module implementation
  • Planned New Visions Discovery Day
  • Led grade level in New Visions Hofstra University Collaborative Program
  • Initiates and participates in collegial circles
  • Presenter at Summer Institutes and Superintendent's Conference Days
  • Current member of the district CIAC
  • Offered professional development to staff on a variety of topics

Most recently, Dr. Codispoti is leading the way in furthering one of the district's newest initiatives - Learning Walks. She has initiated a collegial circle to further teacher effectiveness through these walks. It for these and other reasons, that Marie was recommended for this most distinguished honor.