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About Magnet Schools



Freeport School District has four grade K-4 magnet schools.  All schools have the following characteristics in common:  They share the common goal to inspire and support students in reaching their full potential; offer dual language, inclusion, general education, and English as a Second Language classes; and they teach to the New York State Learning Standards.  What makes them unique is that they provide parents with a choice in their child's education, based on each school's distinctive theme and instructional philosophy.

Leo F. Giblyn School through its Passport to Learning Program, enables students to become ambassadors on a universal journey of interactive learning.  Technology integration, cooperative learning, and coached projects foster children's individual and cooperative understanding of culture, diversity, respect for multiple perspectives, and the importance of the global community.  International music, art, and theatrical cultural assemblies showcase student talent and embrace parents as partners in education.  The school lays a foundation for students to become conscientious, contributing citizens in local society and the world.