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Freeport High School

Technology Department


Technology Department Course Offerings


Half -Year Courses

Computer Graphics- Students are introduced to computer systems and programs designed to create graphic images. Programs such as Publisher, Photoshop and PowerPoint are utilized to create powerful projects.

Video Media Production- Learn communications through hands on project work. Topics covered include video recording, dubbing and editing using special effects.  Professional Video equipment and Final Cut software is used to upload and broadcast content to cable TV and web pages.

Production Systems
- Students will be involved in designing and building their own projects that will teach them how products are made today. Through the use of hand tools, power tools and machines, students build projects that are constructed out of raw materials such as wood, metal and plastic.

Basic Electronics
- Ever wonder how cell phones and iPods actually work. This course will teach you the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. Students will develop the skills and knowledge that are required to work with simple electrical circuits and devices. Some of the activities include wire splicing, component identification, kit building, use of electronic simulators and soldering techniques.
Digital Electronics- Discover how digital logic systems work in computers, calculators and other devices. The course features both instructional and hands activities for each topic taught. Students will assemble circuits, build digital kits and become familiar with basic bread boarding and troubleshooting techniques.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) – In this course, students use AutoCAD software to create two and three dimensional technical drawings of professional quality.

Photography 1
- Interested in photography as a career?  Perhaps you want to learn how to take a better picture. Students learn the aesthetic and technical aspects of modern photography. Digital and 35mm cameras are used to create projects. In addition, students get to develop their own prints.

Photography 2- This course gives students an opportunity to continue learning advanced photography skills. Topics covered include, vignetting, use of filters and macro lenses, spot printing and cropping. Advanced digital photography and Photoshop techniques will also be covered.


Full-Year Courses

Auto Mechanics 1- Did you know there is a national shortage of mechanics? Break into this exciting field by learning about mechanical and electrical component testing, repair and maintenance along with the theory necessary to perform the required skills.

Auto Mechanics 2- The second year course is a continuation of Auto Mechanics 1 and involves machining, transmission replacement, internal engine parts repair and replacement as well as major tune-up procedures.

Design & Drawing For Production- This is an entry level technical drawing course which fulfills the Art/Music requirement for graduation.  Traditional hand drawing as well as computer design and engineering software is used to investigate the way ideas evolve from a simple sketch to a finished product.
Industrial Drafting 1- This is the first course of a three year sequence for students interested in architecture and engineering. Through drawing, students explore the basic concepts of drafting.  The course includes instruction in drafting conventions, lettering, geometric constructions and working drawings.

Industrial Drafting 2
- Students continue to develop drafting skills learned in Industrial Drafting 1. This course is entirely computer oriented. AutoCAD is utilized to create professional multiview and three dimensional illustrations.

Industrial Drafting 3- This course introduces students to the world of architecture through scale model building.  Drawings include detailed floor plans and elevation views.
Animation- Explore the world of moving images.  Students who take animation will learn special effects, post production editing, texturing and lighting using cinema 4D. Each student will be required to create their own project for viewing and evaluation.

IT Essentials / Computer Repair
- Interested in becoming a certified computer specialist. IT (Information Technology) Essentials introduces students to PC hardware and software, information technology and data communications. This is a hands on, lab oriented course where students work on computers in groups to achieve learning objectives.

Cisco Certified Networking 1- This is the first course required for the FHS Cisco Networking Academy.  Students learn the basics of routing, switching and advanced technologies to prepare for Information Technology (IT) careers.

Cisco Certified Networking 2- This is the second course for the Cisco Networking Academy. Advanced networking protocols and theory will be covered and upon completion students will be prepared for the Cisco Certified Network Associate Degree certification.