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Freeport High School

Business/Marketing Department



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Business/Marketing Department Course Offerings


Half -Year Courses

PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – In our changing economy you must be able to make fiscally sound decisions!  This half-year course helps students on their way to becoming financially responsible adults.  They will learn skills which will help them to take charge of their own finances and make intelligent and responsible decisions in regards to their current and future income.  Topics include housing costs, budgeting, savings, checking, the use and abuse of credit, filing personal income taxes, obtaining insurance, investment opportunities, and resume preparation.  THIS COURSE IS A RECOMMENDATION FOR GRADUATION!  

CAREER EXPLORATION – What are you doing with the rest of your life?  Do you have questions about your future?  Investigate various career options while exploring your own personality, skills, abilities and attitudes.  Learn how to make better decisions, improve your basic skills, and develop a positive attitude—three areas targeted by today’s employers.  Job application, resumes, and cover letters will be utilized the help you prepare for the future.  

COLLEGE COMPUTER APPLICATIONS – Are your computer skills up to the demands of college and the 21st century workplace?  Computers will play a large part in your daily life both in and outside of school.  Learn how to use the computer to serve a number of your needs –at home, in high school, during your college years and ultimately in the workplace.  Learn how to successfully use   Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

FASHION MARKETING - Students will learn about fashion trends, marketing functions, and tasks performed by fashion employees with project based, hands-on-experiences. 

INTERNET/DESKTOP PUBLISHING/POWERPOINT - Learn to create eye-catching documents using advanced features of MS Word, create exciting presentations using PowerPoint, and use the Internet for searching and research.   

WEB PAGE DESIGN – Create dynamic Web Sites using Front Page software.  You will learn how to use headings, themes, insert graphics, hyperlinks, sound, video, forms, buttons, and dynamic effects.  Projects include creating your own personal website. 

COMPUTERIZED KEYBOARDING  - In twenty short weeks, you can learn to touch-type and also how to format documents such as letters, memos, and reports.     

WORK EXPERIENCE – Integrate classroom learning with paid hands-on experience in the world of work.  Upon completion of the course, you will have prepared a career portfolio including a resume, Career plan, letters of recommendation, and performance appraisals.  Learn while you earn!!

Full -Year Courses

ACCOUNTING I – Calling all ACCOUNTANTS!  Due to the severe shortage of employees in this field, accounting is rapidly becoming one of the most popular college majors.  Learn the complete bookkeeping cycle from the opening of a business to closing at the end of the fiscal period.  You will learn journal and ledger entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial statements and all bookkeeping functions.               

ACCOUNTING II - Building on what was learned in Accounting you will have advanced hands-on experience using computers to convert from manual to automated accounting systems for a partnership and corporation.  Methods of depreciation, disposal of plant assets, and introduction to partnership and corporations are also taught.             
BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LAW – Learn how to apply the fundamental principals of law that involve your personal and occupational life.  Criminal law, civil law, employment law, contract law, marriage, and family law are covered.  Know your rights in the legal system.                   

HOTEL/RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT – Hospitality, the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, provides 1 out of every 8 jobs today!  You will learn about food and beverage, lodging, recreation, travel and tourism.  Explore careers in this exciting field through field trips to restaurants, hotels and colleges.          

SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING – Would you like to become a part of one of the fastest growing college majors and one of the most exciting industries?  Are you interested in a career in the sports or entertainment industry?  Interested in playing for a professional sports team?  You will learn about principals of marketing, how teams are owned and operated, management principles, collective bargaining, contracts and sports law.      
ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Would you like to own your own business in the future?  You will learn all you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur.  Business plans will be large part of this project based class.  This is the course for all you future business owners.
BUSINESS MATH APPLICATIONS – Learn how math is used in everyday business situations.  Find out how to calculate your payroll and file income tax returns when you obtain your first job.  Planning on buying a car soon?  Learn how to calculate loan payments.  Going off to college?  Learn how to open a bank account or obtain a credit card.   Obtain Math Credit while you become a better consumer!               

KEYBOARDING/BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS –Knowing how to type fast and accurately can save you hours of valuable work time and increase your productivity.  This course is designed to develop proper keyboarding skills for personal as well as business use.  Using the Microsoft Suite, students will master the techniques for preparing letters, reports, outlines, and tables.  Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations are used throughout the course.  THIS COURSE IS ONLY OFFERED ON ALTERNATE YEARS.  DON’T BE LEFT OUT!