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Sherrie Papayanopoulos photoLeo F. Giblyn

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

Sherrie Papayanopoulos

Sherrie truly demonstrates loyalty and commitment.  Not only is Sherrie our Computer Lab TA, she also regularly subs for teachers, fixes all things tech, laminates, prints, calligraphies and tolerates the frequent interruptions for teachers needing the “coveted Faculty Restroom” all while administering the NWEA and various computerized tests to the entire school.  No matter the personal or health challenges life throws her family’s way – Giblyn students and staff can ALWAYS expect to be greeted by Sherrie’s smile and positive attitude.  I have never heard her say “no” to a request by a teacher – even if it means she will spend time from her lunch/prep creating beautiful artwork or posters for another classroom.  No matter what occurs outside of school, you can rely on Sherrie’s loyalty and commitment to the students and staff of Giblyn, and you will find her at school early, supervising students in the computer lab, providing tech support to classes and administering tests and setting up computers, doing lunch duty, covering classes and setting up projectors and carts for after-school professional development.  

Often we forget to recognize those who don’t seek recognition for themselves.  Sherrie truly embodies loyalty and commitment and she should finally be recognized.