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pic 2Leo F. Giblyn

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

Beth Rugolo

This year’s Celebrating Success will go to Beth Rugolo for “Demonstrates Collaboration & Commitment to Academic Success”.  Beth Rugolo has been at Giblyn for over 18 years as a bilingual/ENL teacher. Beth started out as a dual language teacher before deciding to change her role from the classroom to an ENL teacher. Beth is a kind, conscientious, nurturing and creative teacher who is dedicated to providing quality instruction to our students. When dual language changed to a 50/50 model, Beth embraced the change and worked well into the evenings with colleagues planning motivating lessons and finding resources to support instruction. Beth has a deep understanding of the needs of ENLs. She is a dedicated teacher who always has the best interest of her ENL students at heart.  She is resourceful and plans the best lessons with her co-teachers.  Beth is determined to address the needs of her students, both academically and emotionally. We constantly call upon her to guide, explain, and find resources for our students. When Beth pushes into a class, all students benefit from the lessons. Beth has great ideas in classroom organization, instructional planning, and differentiation.  

Beth knows the laws associated with ENLs are our go to person when it comes to questions about ENLs.  You can count on Beth to help assess a student, find resources, talk to a parent, advocate in the best interest of a student, provide extra help to children, teachers, families and administrators; and much more. Her dedication and positive attitude is unmistakable. She is most definitely deserving of this recognition.