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Principal's Message


Amanda Muldowney


July, 2019

Dear Giblyn Parents and Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all returning and incoming families to the 2019-2020 school year at Leo F. Giblyn School. We are eager and determined to provide your children with the most engaging and enriching learning experience possible. Through a strong collaboration between our school staff, our PTA and our families, I am confident we will achieve and exceed our mutual goals.

Two important goals for this school year are as follows: first, to encourage a growth mindset where children believe that intelligences can be developed through dedication and hard work, and, second, to ensure that children attend school regularly and on time. Attendance counts! Being in school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success, starting in kindergarten and throughout their academic career. 

It is important to consider the powerful effects of having a growth mindset. Students with a growth mindset view intelligence like a muscle that grows stronger with training, not something you are born with. Scientific brain research shows that by teaching our children to have a growth mindset, we can help them become better learners, more persistent, more intelligent and more resilient. Rather than praising your child for being smart, praise your child for working hard. I invite you to explore the link below: 

Lastly, I am also very excited to share with you that there have been several significant building enhancements for the start of the new school year. Three new bathroom renovations are in process and air conditioning units have been installed in every classroom. Yes, you read correctly! Each classroom is now equipped with an air conditioner for better air quality, climate control and efficiency. In addition, smart monitors, Chromebooks, iPads and other technology have been maintained and are ready for the opening of school. 

We look forward to seeing the children and families on Sept. 3. 


Amanda Muldowney