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A. Dickens photoFreeport High School

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

Compassion For and Dedication to the Betterment of Others

From the first day she entered Freeport High School, Ms. Angela Dickens hit the ground running, leaving behind a legacy in both the Freeport School District and in the community after only a short, 15-year span. It has been said, “Her math position can be filled but Angie can never be replaced.”

Angela serves as the director of the 21st-Century after-school program. As such, she is a visionary. She empowers the teachers and instructors and allows them to shine. She listens to their ideas and seeks out ways to make it happen. Under her leadership, the students of FHS receive the needed academic intervention, certificates of achievement, remediation, enrichment, entrepreneurial training, scholarships, community service hours and self-esteem reinforcement. Angela encourages students’ self-expression and self-discovery through programs such as Craft Club, El Poder, Fun Fridays, Homework Helpers, SWAG (Students Who Achieve Greatness) and the various college tours. 

Angela is revered by her students and they know firsthand how she advocates for them. She writes letters to admissions directors, makes phone calls to the innumerable contacts she has accumulated over the years to advance our students’ chances and has even orchestrated the means for many students to attend the college tours either free or at a reduced rate. 

Angela’s love is not only directed towards the students. She also makes the workplace pleasant. The camaraderie and family dynamics of the Math Department are to be envied. If there are problems, you would never know it. Publicly all we see is their togetherness as evidenced by their matching shirts, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, π (pi) day and the list goes on. Angela to the tenth power (Angela^10) is how she always lends a helping hand, gives advice, a shoulder to cry on and a nonjudgmental ear. 

Angela is the fabric of the Freeport community. She is the membership chairperson of The Black Educators Committee, a nonprofit public charity established in 1968 by Freeport faculty. Angela took hold of the vision of the organization and created the first annual scholarship fundraiser, the Legends Ball, which celebrated the achievement of former faculty, principals and FHS alumni who have made significant contributions in the community by providing quality education and guidance to Freeport’s students. 

Angela is dedicated to the betterment of her students, her friends and her colleagues. She will truly be missed.