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J.W. Dodd Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success Award Recipient James Hauser

Dodd’s recipient of the Celebrating Success Award is science teacher James Hauser, who has exemplified the theme, “Demonstrating Collaboration and Commitment to Academic Mastery.” He was nominated by his colleagues for his innovative science programs, including the planting of the school’s vegetable garden and the incubation of quails.
Mr. Hauser, who has taught at Dodd since September 2001, also serves as a co-advisor to the school’s Science Club and is a proud member of the Dodd Beautification committee. This year, he has co-taught with a special education teacher and believes in engaging students in science labs. Mr. Hauser’s enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to the success of his students is evident, and the honor of being named the Celebrating Success Award recipient is a testament to his work ethic.

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