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J.W. Dodd Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success Award Recipient Maureen Bonanno

The 2017-2018 Employee of the Month for the month of April who exemplifies the theme, “Demonstrates Innovation and Creativity” is Ms. Maureen Bonanno.  The three words that best describe this year’s recipient are innovative, caring, and generous.  Innovatively, when Maureen had her children, she set up a nail business in her home in order to make money and be there for her family.  When her children got older, Ms. Bonanno started as a substitute teacher at Dodd in January of 2006, before starting to work full time as a math teacher in September of 2007.

Maureen is always looking to motivate her students through creative lessons, group projects, and interesting math activities.  Her unique lessons include breaking codes to open a safe so that the students can earn a prize to solving math problems to find locations on a map.  She is always keeping the students on their toes with all of her innovative and creative ideas, and they love math because of the interesting way she presents material.   

Maureen is truly the definition of a facilitator of active learning.  She generously shares her innovative materials with her fellow math teachers.  The creative assignments and ideas that she shares with her colleagues are truly appreciated by everyone who has the opportunity to work with her.  Maureen is always willing to lend a helping hand to students and teachers that are in need, and during her free periods she can be found looking at files or trying to find new and interesting ways for students to truly enjoy math. 

During Maureen’s 11+ years at Dodd, she has co-advised the Future Problem Solvers and the Yearbook Club.  Maureen also created the Shark Tank Club where the students proudly sold their uniquely handmade items, such as beautiful necklaces, pins, and notepad holders.  As you can see, Maureen Bonanno exemplifies this year’s theme and is truly deserving of this award. 

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