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miColumbus Avenue

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

Building a community of acceptance, respect and collaboration.

Many communities today are suffering from the inability to accept, respect and understand one another. That is why this year’s topic is especially powerful. The topic this year is: Building a community of acceptance, respect and collaboration.

Working at Columbus Avenue offers us the opportunity to teach our students ages 3-6 how to build a community within our classrooms, demonstrate respect for others and learn how to collaborate to reach a positive end goal.

This year’s honoree teaches and leads by example both inside and outside of her classroom. She promotes acceptance and respect for all students. She motivates her students as well as her colleagues with her positive personality and “yes we can!” attitude. She volunteers her time to participate on committees that enhance the education of our students at Columbus Ave. Her tireless work with parents does not go unnoticed. She collaborates with other teachers, therapist and administrators to offer the best education and opportunities to the students and families of Freeport.

Our honoree began her teaching career as a special education teacher in the Bronx. She has since dedicated the last sixteen years, serving the children and families of Freeport.

Her personal life is full as well. She is a devoted wife to her husband Paul and an incredible mother to her three beautiful children. She makes it a top priority to be at every soccer and baseball game for her sons Nicholas and Ryan and amazing support to her daughter Alexis who is in her last year of college. Her passion is traveling and her happy place is Hawaii!

Please welcome this year’s honoree for her commitment and dedication to the community of Freeport and the students of Freeport Schools. Michelle Iannuzzo!