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lisa photoBayview Avenue

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

“Inspiring Others to Achieve their Highest Potential.”

Lisa Zabala
Inspiring students is vital in ensuring their success.  Students who are inspired by their teachers can accomplish many things, and that motivation can last a lifetime.  

This teacher inspires a passion for learning in her students, facilitates personal growth, builds self-esteem, makes learning fun, sees the best in her students and simply shows how much she cares.  She has created a learning environment of dedication and care no matter where she has taught.  There are students all over New York that were so lucky to be touched by this educator’s gift.  She started her teaching career by teaching first and second graders in Catholic school in Queens and in Brooklyn.  She then worked for the Department of Education in the Bronx then ultimately taught in a Yashiva in Queens.  Finally, in 2008, she was hired here at Bayview.  She taught the English side of dual language and was the 4th grade teacher of two of this year’s top ten of Freeport High School, one of which includes the valedictorian of 2018.  Several years later, she began teaching the self-contained class and she worked even harder to inspire her students. 

Each day is filled with numerous lessons tailored to each individual student.  Understanding that her students needed more, she has worked on grants to bring technology into her classroom. Prior to becoming a Google district,   she has used Google Classroom and digital portfolios to inspire her students. When you walk into her classroom, you will find a roadmap of QR codes.  She has spent countless hours creating videos and vocal recordings to create individualized lessons for her students for different subjects.  When she comes across obstacles in her teaching, she will spend numerous hours researching how to overcome those obstacles for her students.    

A great teacher can change a student’s life.  That is what Lisa Zabala strives to do.  She connects with her pupils and tries reaching them on multiple levels.  She’s committed to her students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom.  She has created memorable lifelong experiences with her classes, such as taking walking trips to the library, having cooking class and creating an in-class book review. Lisa is the type of educator that is able to affect every aspect of her students’ lives by teaching them important life lessons.  

Lisa, however, is not one just to inspire her students in her class.  It is clear to say that she has also inspired her colleagues.  Lisa has held numerous workshops, PD’s and classes on the digital classroom and has inspired classroom teachers, specialists and teaching assistants to use technology in their work.  She always has an open door for her colleagues whether it’s for technical reasons or otherwise. 

Lisa is a person who has forged great relationships with students and colleagues.  She values and respects each person as an individual.  She is overwhelmingly open, caring, determined and serves as an inspiration for all people around her.  It is for these reasons and many more that Bayview Avenue School has unanimously chosen Lisa Zabala as this year’s Celebrating Success recipient.