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Celebrating Success Award Recipient

“Promoting an Attitude of Gratitude”

This time of year is synonymous with reflection and giving thanks in America and it’s common to hear talk of gratitude and why it’s so important.  Adopting a gratitude practice isn’t just restricted to this season, it’s a lifestyle and mindset-choice that has an impact on the quality of one’s life and the lives of all who have the pleasure of interacting with them.  If you were on trial for promoting an attitude of gratitude, would there be sufficient evidence to convict you?  I submit to you that Bayview’s 2016/2017 honoree is “guilty as charged”.  Lindsey Chmura is a conscientious teacher who is thoughtful, pleasant, respectful, unselfish and attentive to the needs of others. 

Positive Attitude

A five-year veteran of the Freeport Public Schools, Lindsey initially came to Bayview/New Visions as a teaching assistant in the Reading Department.  One year later, she was hired as a permanent substitute teacher.  In that role, she successfully conquered the challenges of working as a special education teacher in a self-contained classroom setting; as well as serving as our school media specialist, vigilantly facilitating distance learning opportunities (videoconferences) for every class.  The next year, she was offered a position as a general education classroom teacher.  In her role as a classroom teacher, Ms. Chmura has proved to be an impeccable asset to our learning community.     


Positive Influence on Profession

Lindsey embodies the gold-standard of 21st century explicit instruction that is consistently typified by clear learning intentions, modeling successful completion of desired tasks, technology integration, guided practice, collaborative group work, independent practice and a clear, measurable assessment.  Her students are always eager to share what they are learning as well as their personal academic goals.   


Positive Impact on our Learning Community

In the past five years, she has consistently supported our extra-curricular programs and special events:

  • Bayview Family Book Club
  • Bayview Family Nights
  • PTA Council Meeting (Instructive Vote)
  • AIS Extended Day Academy
  • Smile for Peace, Mile for Peace  


Positive Interactions with Teacher with Students, Parents and Colleagues

Support and cooperation characterize Ms. Chmura’s interactions with students, parents and her colleagues.  She consistently exemplifies initiative, efficacy, perseverance and compassion as she executes her professional responsibilities.  She always keeps an open-mind and approaches non-routine situations from a solution-oriented perspective that is in the best-interest of everyone concerned.  She respectfully accepts advice from her seasoned colleagues and happily shares new learning and resources with them.  Lindsey is respected by her colleagues, appreciated by parents and adored by her students! The Bayview Family’s legacy of performance excellence is in great hands with such a highly-effective, dedicated and generous teacher!  


On behalf of the Board of Education of Freeport Public Schools, our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham and his esteemed cabinet, the Bayview Family is delighted to recognize Lindsey Chmura for consistently promoting an attitude of gratitude.    Lindsey, we love you.  We appreciate you and we are very proud to call you our colleague!