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Caroline G. Atkinson Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success – Robin Newberg

February 16, 2018

For Atkinson school - “Promoting a collaborative atmosphere where everyone is challenged to achieve excellence” These are some of the things people wrote about Ms. Newberg:

  • Newberg continues to go above and beyond helping not only the students but the staff as well. She has worked with all the teachers to help train them in guided reading, Fountas & Pinnell and any other questions they might have. She has headed Spirit Committees implemented Secret Santa and has worked hard to boost morale among the staff.
  • Robin always has a positive outlook each day. She never sets the bar low for her students and expects that from everyone. She runs the afterschool program and makes sure that each child is working to do their best while having fun.
  • Robin works for the kids. She does everything that she can to make sure her students get what they need. Robin is a wonderful co-worker and is respectful to all. She will go out of her way to help a colleague in any area of ELA that she can. She organizes and runs the after-school program with great success. The students enjoy her as a teacher and mentor.
  • Robin puts so much of her time and energy into the students of Atkinson. She guides and nurtures them in her reading classes as well as the afterschool program. Students seek her out during the day for not only questions on reading, but just everyday questions. She cares for the kids and always wants to help them do their best.
  • Newberg is a great example of a lead teacher. She works with her colleagues in and out of the reading department. She pushes her students to try hard even if they are not the top. She is caring and nurturing to all kids and in return the students feel comfortable with her.
  • Robin is an amazing ELA teacher. She dedicates herself to meeting the needs of her students. She works hard and never complains.
  • First off, Robin organized the after school program and that is a monumental task. The kids respect her and always go to her for guidance. Robin is a great addition to the ELA department. She works well with other and goes out of her way to help anyone in need.
  • Robin is a teacher who always looks out for each of her students. She runs the after-school program, the Spirit Committee, the UN field trip organizer to name a few. She helped build morale I the school
  • I would personally like to nominate Robin because not only is she a good person, she is an excellent co-worker. Robin will do anything for the kids.  She takes pride in her job and it shows.
  • Newberg is an awesome example of what a lead teacher should be. She works with all her colleagues both in the reading department and out. She presents numerous professional development workshops when simply asked by a colleague. She gives of her time freely, especially during lunch. She is always ready to lend an ear and give advice.
  • Newberg dedicates a lot of her time to the students of Atkinson. Not only does she teach multiple ELA groups, she also runs the after school program for 400 kids. She is a constant professional.
  • Robin always is there for her students. She calls the room to inquire if a child is well, or had a bad day and is having a rough time to just keep an eye out for them. She is easy going, but doesn’t let the student’s slide. She has a gentle demeanor, but will fight for students tooth and nail.
  • Knowledgeable in her craft and willing to share it with the world.
  • Dedicates spare time for students and to help colleagues.
  • Goes above and beyond the job description.
  • Willing to help all of her co-workers.
  • Always there for others and her students.
  • Robin is a prime example of a lead teacher. She will always go out of her way to help anyone in need. She is always here late trying to find the best resources to make her students succeed. We need more people just like her.

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