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Archer Street

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

“Promotes a Collaborative Atmosphere Where Everyone is Challenged to Achieve Excellence”

Nicole Pomerico is a teacher who clearly promotes a collaborative atmosphere where everyone is challenged to achieve excellence.  Nicole is a caring and dedicated educator who has made an undeniable impact on the entire Archer Street School community.  Her energy and positive attitude   affects all that come in contact with her.  Her smile is contagious and helps create an atmosphere that is conducive to working together.   

Nicole is clearly respected by the students, but in addition, the teachers who work with her can attest to the fact that she is someone who always goes above and beyond her outlined duties.   Connecting with others and creating a sense of community is a part of who she is.  She finds the time to seek out newly hired teachers to make sure they feel welcomed in their new setting.

Often times she can be found in our school building late in the evening working with other teachers to ensure more comprehensive and effective lesson plans.  She is a team player who can help others understand the value of working together.  Understanding that the emotional climate of a building is key to the success of our students drives all that Nicole does.   Her bulletin boards are evidence of this mindset.  Not only does her bulletin boards reflect her student’s work, but they all are designed reach out and inspire others.

In addition to her teaching assignment, Nicole offers her time to various committees.  Becoming a member of Archer Street’s Spirit Committee was clearly a must.  She has become an integral part of this collaborative group. As part of this committee, Nicole has single handedly spearheaded a project that involves placing a monthly token of appreciation in each teacher’s mailbox.  It is a sight to see on an early morning, teachers walking away with tokens in hand and smiles on their faces.   

As part of the newly formed Technology Committee, Nicole had noticed the need to increase keyboarding skills in her own fourth graders and realized she must not be alone.  With this in mind, she has worked to create a plan to help the students achieve a higher level of typing.  Again, Nicole is always thinking as part of a team and how others are impacted.     

Nicole Pomerico came to the district in September 2014.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delaware and is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.  While beginning her career as a middle school math teacher in Delaware, Nicole felt a strong desire to come back to Freeport.  Having been a lifelong resident of this town, she wanted to give back to her own community.

When Nicole is not working, she enjoys being involved in her church’s youth program.  She loves to travel, especially to far off places like her recent trip to Grenada.  And of course, Nicole loves music and concerts.  Is it any wonder that one of Nicole’s favorite songs is Viva la Vida from Coldplay.  She certainly does “Live the Life” that she believes in and inspires others along the way.

Nicole Pomerico is a dedicated teacher who does her job well.  She is a life-long learner who cares deeply about making the educational workplace the best it can be.  Nicole is a respected employee, colleague and friend.  Archer Street School is pleased to “celebrate her success” this month as a person who “Promotes a Collaborative Atmosphere Where everyone is Challenged to Achieve Excellence”.