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success imageArcher Street

Celebrating Success Award Recipient

“Promotes learning and academic achievement through positive and creative measures.”

Super Hero Jessica Polikoff is a teacher at the Archer Street School who clearly promotes learning and academic achievement through positive and creative measures.  Jessica is a caring and dedicated educator who has made an undeniable impact on each and everyone of her students and colleagues.

Jessica has been a dedicated staff member at Archer Street School for 13 years.  During that time, she has done a SUPER job at filling the roles of permanent sub, dual language teacher and currently is one of our math specialists.

Ms. Polikoff works alongside her partner teacher, Ms. Noreen Puppo.  When asked to summarize her thoughts about Ms. Polikoff, Ms. Puppo states, “She is absolutely SUPER to work with.  I truly mean that! There is nothing we talk about that she doesn’t get excited about doing.  I couldn’t imagine not having her as my partner”.    

Jessica is a teacher who keeps up with the latest pedagogy in her curricula area and finds SUPER creative ways to engage her students.  Whether it be a QR scavenger hunt in the hallway using iPads or designing a breakout room activity based on a particular math skill, Ms. Polikoff understands the importance of connecting content and technology to achieve deeper understanding in our students.  In an educational world that is moving fast and changing daily, Jessica is up for the challenge and meets it with great success.  

Jessica is known for her kindness and approachability.  Her enthusiasm is catching and helps support everyone in the building.  Her colleagues are cognizant of the fact that she is always available to collaborate with them. You can catch Jessica helping someone most anytime of the day and many times it is not even related to her job as math teacher.  Yes, she is just SUPER!

When not at school, Jessica enjoys helping friends and family with their kids.  Jessica is a fun and loving “auntie.”  In addition, she often has her parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from out of town stay at her house when they come for a visit or family event.  She doesn’t spend much time cooking for herself, yet she hosts her family for holidays and always does a great job!

Jessica Polikoff is a dedicated teacher who does her job well.  She is a life-long learner who cares deeply for each and every child that she works with.   She is a respected employee, colleague and friend.  Archer Street School is pleased to “celebrate her success” this month as a Freeport Super Hero who “Promotes learning and academic achievement through positive and creative measures.”