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Recognizing 757 years of dedicated service to Freeport students

Recognizing 757 years of dedicated service to Freeport students Photo

During the board of education meeting on June 7, the board and administration recognized the district’s retirees for the 2016-2017 school year. Mixed emotions filled the room, as colleagues, families and friends gathered to congratulate these dedicated professionals for their combined 757 years of service to the Freeport School District, students and community.

“Thank you for the goals that you have accomplished and for creating the foundation that has made our school district a success,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “Each of you have affected and inspired our students and your colleagues, so we salute you. You are leaving a lasting legacy. The best part of your life is just beginning.”

Thirty-one retirees were individually recognized for their accomplishments and personal memories were shared as each was presented with a plaque to commemorate this momentous event. Congratulations to the following retirees shown with their years of service:

Laura Baines, teacher, 16 years; Joyce Beckford, security, 10 years; Nancy Berg, teacher, 29 years; Wanda Braxton, clerical, 10 years; Linda Carter, principal Freeport High School, 12 years; Joseph Cinquemani, custodial, 21 years; Maria Duran, teacher, 34 years; Marilyn First, clerical, 23 years; Brenda Floyd, security, 8 years; Carolyn Geraci, clerical, 15 years; Carlos Goday, custodian, 12 years; Nancy Hanrahan, teacher, 33 years; Mary Ann Helfrich, cafeteria, 33 years; Linda Hendrickson, teacher, 48 years; Mary Anne Keane, teacher, 30 years; Barbara LaPlaca, teacher, 16 years; Rosa Lienhard, teaching assistant, 10 years; Janine Martorano, teaching assistant, 27 years; Susan McNulty, clerical, 18 years; Cathy Montuori, teacher, 28 years; Ruth Muniz, teaching assistant, 31 years; Bonnie Murphy, teacher, 32 years; Diane Notti, teacher, 36 years; Susan Reinke, teacher, 34 years; Lisette Santiago, teacher, 31 years; Lisa Scicchitano, teacher, 29 years; Fara Strekas, teaching assistant, 17 years; Judith Summers, teacher, 36 years; Carmen Tarantino, teacher 16 years; Randolph Thomas, custodian, 32 years and Odette Wills, principal, Bayview Avenue School, 30 years.

Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’

Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’ Photo
Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’ Photo 2
Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’ Photo 3
Giblyn Fundraises for the ‘ride’ Photo 4

As part of an annual tradition, students and staff at Giblyn helped to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and offered their support for patients by welcoming the ALS Ride for Life group to their school.

Giblyn, is in its fourth year participating in the fundraiser, presented a check for $2,100 to Ride for Life and founder Chris Pendergast. Students performed encouraging songs and displayed signs and banners of encouragement for the riders, who recently completed a journey from Yankee Stadium to Washington, D.C. in commemoration of its first ride 20 years ago.

The check presentation was a follow-up to the group’s visit to Giblyn in the fall, which provided students with information and background about ALS and Ride for Life. Both events are designed to supplement the school’s ongoing character education, and teach students about the importance of perseverance, compassion and hope.