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Receiving a Warm Good Morning Greeting

Receiving a Warm Good Morning Greeting
Receiving a Warm Good Morning Greeting2
Receiving a Warm Good Morning Greeting3
Students at Giblyn school are kicking off their school day with a warm good morning greeting after the school introduced “Kindness Ambassadors” for the first time during its annual spirit week, where each student was greeted in a special way when starting the school day. 

Each classroom received a choice greeting board that was hung outside of the room and as the students entered, they chose how they wanted to be greeted, whether that’s by a handshake or a hug. The first day was demonstrated by the teachers and then students took the lead in the days that followed. Since the activity was a huge success, teachers will be continuing the movement throughout the school year.

Providing Meals Through Food Drive

Throughout the month of November, students and staff of Archer Street and Leo F. Giblyn schools brought in donations of canned and packaged foods, paper goods, plastic ware and other non-perishable items that were then donated to Our Holy Redeemer Parish Outreach of Freeport.
Archer school hosted its holiday “Giving Tree,” where each person who donated had their name written on a "Giving Tree" bulletin board that was on display outside the principal's office. At Giblyn, the presidents and vice-presidents of the fourth-grade classes made announcements every afternoon about which classes brought in the most donations each day.

Archer donated 20 cartons of food and Giblyn raised a total of 2,466 of food items to help provide meals for the needy and the homeless.