Dodd’s Incredible Science Olympiad

Dodd’s Incredible Science Olympiad
Dodd’s Incredible Science Olympiad 2
On Feb. 11, the Dodd Science Olympiad team competed against 43 schools in New York City, Connecticut, Virginia and on Long Island, and earned four medals. The Dodd community thanks teachers Georgia Plakas, Rosette Jean-Baptiste, Steven Whelan, Bill Behrens, Vanessa Vidalon and all participating students for their efforts.

Dodd Robotics Impress

Dodd Robotics Impress
Dodd Robotics Impress 2
Dodd Robotics Impress 3
Dodd Red Devils Robotics Team A earned eighth place out of 36 overall in the Regional Qualifier at the high school on Feb. 4. Team B qualified to compete on additional spots against other high school teams, and won three out of six events. Congratulations to the Dodd Robotics Team and Robert Fallot.

‘Water is Life’ at Dodd

Students in Maryclaire Dumas-Landisi’s seventh-grade honors research classes at Dodd completed their end-of-module project-based learning experience on the topic, “Water is Life.” The primary goal of the project was for students to work within groups to discover and present various ways to promote water conservation to their peers and teachers.

Ninety-nine students in 24 different groups worked on this project, with each group presenting their message in a unique way. “Water Week” was held from Jan. 30-Feb. 3, and featured vocabulary quizzes, a water wheel game, surveys, a water broadcast, raffles, prizes and a movie and documentary.

Students learned about why “Water is Life,” and about the issues surrounding water sustainability throughout the world. The module focused on water management problems — agriculturally, industrially and personally — and students learned how to make evidence-based decisions based on a list of diverse sources. They were tasked with clarifying why humans need to focus their attention on solutions to such water management problems.
As a result of “Water is Life,” students now understand the seriousness of world water crises, and learned how to effectively research, analyze and develop opinions while writing a persuasive research paper. They also learned how to become more caring and informed citizens.

Cornell Corporate Extensions at Dodd

Nutritionists from Cornell Corporate Extensions visited Dodd to host food lab lessons during the month of January. The experience provided students with the opportunity to not only cook innovative nutritional meals, but to also learn about macronutrients and food groups. The visit also served to reinforce the importance of raising awareness about nutritious meals, and how such meals correlate to students’ performance in school.

iDesign Computer Club Codes Games

iDesign Computer Club Codes Games
Seventh- and eighth-graders at Dodd are learning how to code a computer game of their choice under the direction of science teacher Georgia Plakas, who has been trained in computer coding in a course at Hofstra University funded through a National Science Foundation grant.

First, students use the Gamestar Mechanic program to learn about the various elements of a game — space, components, mechanics, goals and rules. Then, they create a culturally relevant game using the Scratch program created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.