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Atkinson Student Achievement Awards

Prior to the end of the school year, students were celebrated for their outstanding accomplishments during awards ceremonies held on June 18 and 19. Teachers recognized students for their successes in academics, the arts, extracurricular activities, demonstration of exceptional character, improvement and perfect attendance. There were also distinctive awards presented to deserving sixth-graders, including the Jerry Wilson Humanitarian Award, for being a reader and creative thinker, showing random acts of kindness and an interest in the arts; the Anna Power Award, for striving to reach the fullest potential and demonstrating positive behavior; the Esteban Moreno Award, for going above and beyond to help others and for taking school seriously; and, the Principal’s Award for showing outstanding leadership both socially and academically.

Field Day

Field Day photo
Field Day photo 2
As part of an annual tradition, sixth-graders participated in a variety of activities such as long jump, basketball shots, football throw and relay racing during Field Day on June 12. With the PTA providing heroes, snacks and drinks, students received awards and were recognized for their various accomplishments.


This year the Atkinson Drama Club put on a spectacular performance of the play, Grease.  The students collaborated successfully with one another and worked extremely hard. Due to the dedication and commitment of all the students, the play was a huge success. We cannot thank the fifth and sixth grade students enough who participated in this performance.   Also, to Mrs. Albarano and Mrs. Myers, your ability to bring out the best in our students is to be celebrated.  Thank you for your efforts, passion and inspiring our young stars!