Good Sportsmanship

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Ms. Cunnane’s ENL students at Atkinson have been researching significant athletes to complement their study of Jackie Robinson, who is the central focus in the beginning of Module 3A. As part of the project, students study the importance of sports in American culture over time and analyze other respected sports figures to develop their understanding of the cultural context in which these athletes competed and the barriers these athletes broke during the times in which they lived.

The students in Ms. Cunnane’s class researched, memorized and transformed into their favorite sports figure. They presented and taught their classmates the athletes’ challenges and achievements, displayed pride and respect for each other, and modeled scholarly ethics and attentiveness.

True Colors

True Colors
True Colors 2
Jennifer Ferrarelli and William Wall’s fifth-grade class at Atkinson performed at the Freeport Recreation Center in celebration of Black History Month. The students were invited to perform following their remarkable renditions at the school’s annual Multicultural Assembly. They were led by Stephanie Arnell, who accompanied on the guitar.

Enrichment to Excellence

Enrichment to Excellence

As part of the Enrichment to Excellence program at Atkinson, students have been engaging in specialized learning activities designed to educate and motivate students in nontraditional settings. Program participants regularly travel to various sites — Freeport Recreation Center, H.E.L.P. Services, Hofstra University Museum, Long Island Children’s Museum, Culture Play and Cradle of Aviation— and recently participated in several hands-on activities, including squid art, video game design, chocolate creation and virtual reality studies. The Atkinson community takes pride in being a part of such an innovative and dynamic grant program.

Multicultural Magnificence


Atkinson hosted its annual Multicultural Celebration as a follow-up to the districtwide Black History Month Celebration. The event featured a variety of performances by students and staff, and included singing, acting, dancing and poetry. The show was comprised of the Mariachi Band performing “El Ray,” Kerri Albarano’s class singing “Where is the Love?,” Donna Librizzi’s and Christina Schwarz’s students presenting “Music with Meaning,” the Atkinson Step Team dancing, Team Yale presenting “Tribute to Barak Obama: Rhythm of the Beat,” Jennifer Ferrarelli’s and William Wall’s students singing “True Colors,” the faculty singing their rendition of “RESPECT,” and a performance by the Atkinson Dance Troupe.