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Orchestra and Band Virtual Performances

The Atkinson Intermediate School orchestra instructor, Mrs. Morales, and band instructor, Mr. Friedman have created two virtual performances featuring select members of their ensembles. The 6th grade string performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” was recorded by both remote and in-person students and the band performance of “Alien Invasion” was recorded by remote students with one special in-person student performance assisted by Mr. Federici. Please enjoy the hard work of these very talented students.

Atkinson Band:

Atkinson Strings:

Grade 6 -12 Change of Instructional Mode Link

Dear Freeport Grade 6 – 12 Families,


As part of the District Reopening Plan, you were given the option to choose an In-person/Hybrid Learning Model or a fully Remote Learning Model for your child/children at the start of each marking period. This means that students who chose the Remote Learning Model may now return to the In-Person/Hybrid Learning Model and students who chose the In-Person/Hybrid Learning Model may choose to move to the Remote Learning Model. At this time, families of students in grades 6 - 12 may choose to change learning models. The change in your child’s learning model will occur on February 1st. Pre- K through grade 5 students will have this opportunity at the start of their next marking period in March. 

There is no action necessary on your part if you do not want a change of learning model. Please complete this form (  only if you wish to change your child's instructional program. A form must be filled out for each child in your family requesting a change. For planning purposes, all forms must be returned by 5:00 PM on January 22nd. We will be unable to accept changes after this date. All changes to instructional programs will be in effect from February 1st through April 16th. In April, you will be given the next opportunity to change your child’s chosen learning model.


We appreciate your collaboration and support as we continue to provide our students with the best educational opportunities available. As we move forward with any new phase, we will continue to carefully follow all the required Department of Health guidelines. The health and safety of our students and staff is our first priority. Please remember M-S-W: Wear your Masks, Social distance, Wash Your Hands.

Atkinson student reaches worldwide status on Achieve 3000 Scoreboard

Atkinson student reaches worldwide status on Achieve 3000 Scoreboard thumbnail179181

Atkinson fifth-grader Andrelis Gutierrez Castro was recently named a top scorer on Achieve 3000 for New York State and worldwide. This is the first time a student from the Atkinson school has made the worldwide scoreboard.

“We are so proud of Andrelis for achieving worldwide status on Achieve 3000,” said Gisselle Campbell-Ham, Principal. “Her hard work and love of reading has led her to this wonderful recognition.”

Achieve 3000 is a differentiated reading program that Freeport Public Schools implemented to accelerate literacy growth and deepen learning across several content areas. It is a collection of nonfiction articles that match with every students' reading level.

To earn this award, Andrelis read nonfiction articles and answered multiple choice and poll questions about each article. Following the questions, she was also required to complete a writing assignment for each article. Andrelis chose articles on current events, history, science, and biographical figures and went well beyond the encouraged amount of two articles in English and Spanish per week to achieve worldwide recognition.

Congratulations to Andrelis on this wonderful achievement.

Virtual Art Gallery

Hundreds of works of art from all eight schools in Freeport Public Schools are on display virtually for the Freeport community. This collaborative project features student artwork from all grade levels which demonstrates how creativity is courageous from the youngest to the oldest within the school district.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Freeport Department of the Arts would host the annual Winter Festival of the Arts to exhibit the creative skills of students in each school.

“While we wish to gather together at this time of year, we are grateful to share our gifts in a virtual gallery,” said Director of Arts and Community Relations, Ruth Breidenbach. “We are so proud of the artistic accomplishments of our students and hope you enjoy seeing the progression of art skills from the youngest to the oldest artists in our district.”

The district would like to thank the Freeport Department of the Arts for this tribute commemorating the annual Winter Festivals.

View the Freeport Public Schools Virtual Art Gallery.

Coats Donated to Atkinson from Nassau County Detectives Association, Inc.

Coats Donated to Atkinson from Nassau County Detectives Association, Inc. thumbnail178155
With winter just around the corner, the Nassau County Detectives Association, Inc. has donated 12 large boxes of new winter coats in various colors and sizes for students and families in need at Atkinson Intermediate School.

Mariella Ryan-Echegaray, the school’s social worker helped organize the donation with Joseph Hill recording secretary for the organization. The coat donation is part of the Nassau County Detectives Association’s annual Coats for Kids drive.

“We are so thankful for the generous donation,” said Principal Gisselle Campbell-Ham. “These coats will greatly benefit our students during the cold winter months.”

Joseph Hill and John Wighaus, Nassau County Detectives Association president, personally delivered the boxes to the school.