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Planting Trees for the Future

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Freeport’s Archer Street, Bayview Avenue, Leo F. Giblyn and New Visions elementary schools recently helped to make the planet a greener place by participating in a tree planting activity in cooperation with New York Benefits for Educators and Students Trust (NYBEST) and the Nassau Cornell Cooperative Extension.

The tree planting ceremony was an educational experience for the students involved. Students learned about a variety of different types of trees that thrive on Long Island and the best locations to plant each of them. Students participated in planting the tree outside their school by taking turns shoveling dirt to fill the hole and watering the tree.

NYBEST donated Paperbark Maple trees to each school which were planted on school property in the optimal sun/shade area for successful growth in the years to come.

Freeport Public Schools elementary schools were selected by NYBEST as part of the organization’s mission to make a positive impact on school communities throughout New York State.