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Students Bring Smiles to Soldiers

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Ms. Velez and Ms. Appel’s third-grade Dual Language students at Archer school joined together to do something special for soldiers that are thousands of miles away from their families by donating 100 golf balls to Bunkers in Baghdad during the holiday season. 

Founded in 2008, the nonprofit organization collects new and used golf balls and golf clubs and then ships them overseas to soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Third-graders learned a great deal about the organization and about the importance of giving back. Students enjoyed collecting and decorating the golf balls, knowing that they’re actions will bring smiles to many. 

Providing Meals Through Food Drive

Throughout the month of November, students and staff of Archer Street and Leo F. Giblyn schools brought in donations of canned and packaged foods, paper goods, plastic ware and other non-perishable items that were then donated to Our Holy Redeemer Parish Outreach of Freeport.
Archer school hosted its holiday “Giving Tree,” where each person who donated had their name written on a "Giving Tree" bulletin board that was on display outside the principal's office. At Giblyn, the presidents and vice-presidents of the fourth-grade classes made announcements every afternoon about which classes brought in the most donations each day.

Archer donated 20 cartons of food and Giblyn raised a total of 2,466 of food items to help provide meals for the needy and the homeless.

Students Soar in Hands-on Lesson

Students Soar in Hands-on Lesson photo

Wings were flying and faces were beaming at Archer school, as representatives from the Long Island Children’s Museum presented its “Up in the Air” lesson to third-grade classes.

The program allows students the opportunity to explore the science of flight by enabling them to participate in several hands-on activities and teamwork initiatives, including crafting their own gliders, paper wings and parachutes.

Students were eager to put their projects together, which they brought home with them after the lesson. 

Students Pair Up with Local Police Officers

Students Pair Up with Local Police Officers photo
Archer Street School’s fourth-grade class welcomed Freeport police officers to the school, where each class officially adopted their police officer for the school’s annual Adopt-A-Cop assembly. On behalf of their individual classes, students promised to write at least one letter per month as well as invite the police officers to at least two class activities this school year.