Classroom Camaraderie

As part of an annual tradition, Archer Street hosted Teambuilding Day to promote collaboration and camaraderie among students. Students were encouraged to wear shirts and jerseys representing their favorite sport teams, and were tasked with several activities throughout the school — including a LEGO Bridge Challenge and color-coded balloon toss — that required patience, planning and preparation with their peers. Teambuilding Day served as a forum for students to put into practice the lessons they’ve learned in class about teamwork.

STEMming for Success

STEMming for Success1
STEMming for Success2
STEMming for Success3
STEMming for Success4
Students in Archer’s Science Enrichment morning program are learning the fundamentals of engineering and their relationship to STEM. Recently, they were tasked with building a structure using plastic cups, and worked as teams to build the tallest structure possible. To accomplish this, they demonstrated their understanding of related concepts and what limitations were presented by the materials. Students were then tasked with creating a building that could hold weight using 20 marshmallows and 20 toothpicks; they worked in pairs and combined their materials.