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Giblyn Students Write Research Books for Black History Month

The second graders in Ms. Danielle Barry’s class at Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School researched influential African American individuals who have had an impact on the world for Black History Month.

Using the Pebble Go website, Ms. Barry worked with students to help teach the importance of research and how to properly conduct research. Students choose from a variety of influential African Americans from many different fields including authors, politicians, athletes and inventors.

The students then compiled their research and created their own books to share the stories of the amazing individuals from our past and present.

Dodd Graphic Design Project Focuses on Black History

Freeport Public School’s Dodd Middle School seventh and eighth graders in Ms. Amy Bendell’s art classes were presented with the challenge of creating a piece of artwork about a significant Black figure to recognize Black History Month.

Students were able to choose any Black figure from the past or present and were asked to visually depict why this person's role and contributions are important to Black history.

Students utilized layout, design skills, graphics, photography, and typography in the form of direct quotations to communicate about their Black figure’s important life. The artwork also had to communicate respect and honor for the individual they had chosen.

In their research, students observed many critical moments in Black history by reviewing archival photography and art. They were exposed to written communications from their figures and were encouraged to design with typography as an integral part of the design.

The final projects included visual depictions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Chadwick Boseman.

Hooray for the 100th Day of School

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Hooray for the 100th Day of School 2 thumbnail181218
Hooray for the 100th Day of School 3 thumbnail181219
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Students in Columbus Avenue and Bayview Avenue celebrated the district’s 100th day of school with different activities and lessons focusing on the number 100.

At Columbus Ave. students built cup towers in groups of ten to reach 100 cups, created special banners and t-shirts and even dressed up as dalmatians with 100 spots. Both in-person and remote learning students participated, with on remote learner making a cake decorated to celebrate the occasion.

Students from Bayview Avenue created their own t-shirt designs which included a 100 googley eyes shirt, a shirt showcasing 100 things students like, a millipede and more. Additionally, students also made crowns to celebrate being 100 days smarter.

Celebrating the 100th Day of school is a chance for students to commemorate an occasion not linked to a specific holiday or season and offers the chance to teach and reinforce lessons on counting in a variety of ways.

A Tribute in Memory of Ernest J. Kight, Jr - March 10, 2021

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A Tribute in Memory of Ernest J. Kight, Jr.

Educator – Coach  Administrator – Board President

The Freeport Board of Education and Superintendent invite you to join us virtually as we honor Mr. Kight and his contributions to Freeport Schools and the Freeport Community.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

7 PM – 8:15 PM


Sad News - A Message from the Board of Education and the Superintendent

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February 28, 2021 - Updated

It is with the deepest sadness and extreme shock that we must inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Board of Education President Ernest J. Kight, Jr. We extend our heartfelt sympathy and utmost support to his family at this sad and difficult time. Mr. Kight was a beloved leader in our community who touched the lives of numerous students and families. His sudden passing is a loss to all who loved and knew him.

“Mr. Kight was a passionate educational leader with unwavering support for our students, schools and community. He has made a positive impact on generations of students and their families, along with all those who had the pleasure of working with him through our schools and on the Board of Education. Mr. Kight’s love and support for his students, staff and the community was returned to him by all who knew him. I am honored to have known and worked with him and will truly miss him,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said. “His entire career was dedicated to helping others succeed. He will be remembered as someone who was committed to the Freeport students, families and the community. His untiring service to Freeport Public Schools as both an educator and a Board member has had a lifelong impact and contributes to his legacy. My profound condolences and support to his wife, Dr. Diane Mary Caruso, his family and those who mourn his loss.”

Ernest Kight, Jr. graduated from Freeport High School in 1971 and was involved in education for 37 years. He began serving the Freeport Public Schools in 1975 and retired as an educator in 2012. Mr. Kight was a longtime educator and supporter of Freeport Public Schools, having dedicated himself to a career that spanned from student to teacher and girls basketball coach to assistant principal, to ultimately the principal of Freeport High School in 2009.

Ernest Kight, Jr. was a pioneer in high school sports, as well. In 1977, when he became the coach of the Freeport girls basketball team, he noted how few male educators were coaching girls teams throughout the state and encouraged more male educators to get involved. His combination of discipline and integrity turned the Freeport Lady Red Devils into a basketball powerhouse, bringing pride to the school district and the community. His value as a mentor to hundreds of young girls far surpassed anything that happened on the court. For his dedication and commitment, Mr. Kight was inducted into the Nassau County High School Athletics Hall of Fame.

Upon retirement, Mr. Kight continued as a supporter of public education and an advocate for students and the community by serving on the Freeport Public Schools Board of Education. He served on the Board of Education since 2015 and as Board President since 2019.

“His knowledge of education and school functioning made him an excellent board member who thoughtfully weighed the needs of students and families while being fiscally responsible,” Board of Education Vice President Vilma I. Lancaster said. “Mr. Kight enthusiastically supported the academic and extra-curricular programs of Freeport Schools and was very involved in advocacy matters with policymakers. He was extremely proud of Freeport. His service on the Board of Education exemplified his willingness to actively support public education. He will be greatly missed.”