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District Hosts Third Consecutive Literacy Institute

meeting photo

Atkinson School was bustling with 115 district administrators, teachers and teaching assistants, as they geared up for the 2019-2020 school year and participated in the annual Summer Literacy Institute.

Led by Director of English Language Arts Glori Engel, this is the third year the district hosted this daylong professional development program, with award-winning educator and author Kylene Beers and author Bob Probst as the keynote speakers.

The program kicked off with a warm welcome by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who expressed his appreciation of those who attended.

“I am so proud to see over 100 teachers here today to make a difference in the lives of our students by taking this journey of continuous growth,” he said. “It’s great what you do for Freeport students and we are going to continue to take the next giant leap for 2019-2020.”

Teachers heard from the keynote speakers, who discussed the significance for educators to focus on teaching all students how to be lifelong learners and lifelong thinkers. Following the presentation, teachers separated into groups to participate in several workshops including “Digital Storytelling,” “Raz-Plus: Your Classroom Partner for RTI,” “CommonLit,” “Reading A-Z: What’s new for Grades 2-4,” “Patterns of Power,” “Reely Good Strategies to Hook Readers,” “Digital Reading Groups” and “Noodle Tools.” 

While several workshops were led by Freeport teachers, Kylene and Bob also hosted a workshop that highlighted strategies that create engagement and build comprehension with fiction and nonfiction. 

Students Observe Hatching of Chicks

Bayview Avenue third grade students of Ms. Benedetto’s class learned about the life cycle of baby chicks. For almost a month, they anticipated the hatching of the eggs and on the 21st day the process began. Students were excited when they met their new feathered friends and had the opportunity to observe them.

Students Awarded for Outstanding Performances

Atkinson students were celebrated for their outstanding accomplishments throughout the 2018-2019 school year during the school’s annual awards ceremonies. 

Teachers recognized recipients for their successes in academics, the arts, extracurricular activities, outstanding character, improvement, and perfect attendance. 

There were also distinctive awards given on behalf of the sixth graders. This included the Jerry Wilson Humanitarian Award, for being a creative thinker, showing random acts of kindness, a reader and interested in the arts; the Anna Power Award, for striving to reach the fullest potential and demonstrating positive behavior; the Esteban Moreno Award, for going above and beyond to help others and take school seriously; and the Principal’s Award, for showing outstanding leadership socially and academically.

Congratulations to all students on their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Dodd Hosts Breakfast for Heroes

The Dodd Middle School PTA held a “Breakfast with My Hero,” where students celebrated heroes in their lives. They wrote a letter that explained how their hero has influenced and impacted them. It was wonderful to have so many teachers and special individuals honored by the students. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham called the honorees superheroes for having such a great impact on the lives of Freeport students.

Atkinson’s Got Talent

Students and teachers at Atkinson school demonstrated a variety of talented performances during the “Then and Now” talent show. They sang, danced and performed for their peers, staff and parents. There was also a kind farewell to building Principal Mrs. Connie Velez, as students and staff wished her well in her retirement. It was an entertaining event that was enjoyed by all.  

Freeport Board of Education Begins the New Year

On July 2nd,Freeport Public Schools Board of Education held their annual re-organization meeting for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. The Board welcomed newly elected board trustees Maria Jordan Awalom and Gabriela Castillo who were sworn in to office. The Board unanimously elected Ernest J. Kight, Jr. and Vilma J. Lancaster to serve as President and Vice President, respectively.

Students Advise Future Eighth Graders

Students Advise Future Eighth Graders photo
Students Advise Future Eighth Graders photo 2
Students Advise Future Eighth Graders photo 3
Students Advise Future Eighth Graders photo 4
Dodd Middle School’s eighth grade students, who are members of  Team Cornell visited seventh grade ELA classes, who are members of Team Yale, to speak about the expectations for eighth grade. They shared how the standards have increased, and how students can be prepared to achieve success. 

The students provided some valuable insight, shared their own experiences in eighth grade and how they believe those experiences prepared them to successfully transition to Freeport High School in the fall. The eighth graders answered a variety of questions from the seventh graders and encouraged them to keep their grades up, join an extracurricular activity, and properly maintain their attendance.

Congratulations Freeport High School Class of 2019

Congratulations Freeport High School Class of 2019 photo

The district’s Board of Education, administration, staff, family and friends filled the sports complex at Hofstra University for the 126th commencement ceremony of the Freeport High School’s graduating Class of 2019.

The ceremony kicked off with the presentation of colors by the NJROTC, followed by the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem, and a beautiful performance of “God Bless America” by the high school’s Select Chorale.

Several speakers delivered moving and memorable speeches to the graduating class, including Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Principal Joseph Mille, Assistant Principal Nelson Holland, Class of 2019 co-presidents Gabriel Alvarado and Yasmin Kadir, valedictorian Leah Hochman and salutatorian Laura Chumpitaz.

Prior to the announcement of graduates’ names and the ceremonial distribution of diplomas, Dr. Kuncham encouraged the graduating Class of 2019 to be fearless, courageous and bold. “Be courageous to take risks and be bold to go where there are no guarantees. Being fearless is about realizing that failure is simply a detour and you keep going believing in yourself. When you’re fearless you are creating opportunities and you have given your very best with utmost humility,” Dr. Kuncham said. “You are the Class of 2019, realize your uniqueness, live your life in this moment, be all you can be and uplift others. We are with you on this journey and wish you all a wonderful and exciting adventure ahead of you.”

Mr. Mille expressed that he hopes students never stop growing, changing and evolving from the people around them and their experiences. “The next few years will be part of the path of your future. I can only hope you leave high school with enthusiasm for what is to come.”

Ms. Chumpitaz paid homage to Freeport High School for shaping her into the person she never thought she’d be. “Throughout these four years, we all experienced adversity and life didn’t always come easy to us. We should be proud of ourselves for being here today,” she said. “I wish you all luck in whatever path you choose for the future. Remember to always keep your best interests in mind.”

Ms. Hochman reminisced about the memories with her fellow graduates. “I’ll remember my incredible friends and supportive family who I’ve learned endless lessons from,” she continued. “I’m well aware of the power of speech and I am speaking on this night for those who are not given a voice. You have the power to change the conversation. If one voice of light pierces through the clouds of deafening silence, a movement has already begun. As you enter the next stage of your life, do not be afraid to speak louder than those who will try to silence you.”

Following the distribution of diplomas, retiring Assistant Principal Nelson Holland provided final words of advice. “Until now, you have been a passenger in a vehicle that was on the road to your destiny. Now, you’re getting ready to become the sole driver and you will navigate yourself through the world,” he said. “What do you have to create your road map? Your Freeport High School education, the courses you took, the teachers you met, the suggestions that worked, the potholes that you may have fallen into and then learned to avoid. Use these experiences to your advantage.”

The evening closed with Freeport High School’s Class of 2019 turning the tassels on their caps from right to left and looking ahead for the bright futures that await them.


Giblyn Graduates 130 Fourth Graders

Giblyn Graduates 130 Fourth Graders photo

The sun was shining bright over Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School, as 130 fourth grade students were celebrated by their families and teachers during the annual moving up ceremony.

Principal Amanda Muldowney kicked off the festivities by welcoming family and friends. Throughout the ceremony, students displayed beautiful performances of “We Won’t Stop Dreaming,” “Ready to Go,” and “Giblyn Superstars.”

Freeport High School Class of 2019’s valedictorian Leah Hochman attended the celebration, as she graduated from Giblyn in 2011. Ms. Hochman reminisced on her moving up ceremony from the school and congratulated students on this accomplishment.

“As you look forward, please do not forget the moments that have shaped you into the successful young people that you are,” she said. “Do not lose sight of all that you want to achieve. Do not create limits for yourself based on doubt or pessimism. Be aware that it is indeed possible to reach for the stars and dream big. Seek inspiration from your peers and the world around you and never forget where you come from.”

Prior to announcing the names of those moving up, Mrs. Muldowney and Assistant Principal Amy Lederer presented several students with awards, including the Nassau County Music Educators’ Recognition Award, NYSSMA, All-County Art Award, Principal’s Award for Student Leadership, YES I CAN award, Triple C Awards, Giblyn All-Star Awards, and Perfect Attendance. 

Mrs. Muldowney took the opportunity to offer some final words of advice to the students. She encouraged them to work hard, smile, be courteous and respectful, get involved and do unto others what you would have them do unto you. “Fourth graders, you leave here having learned a lot, but you have much more to learn in the years ahead,” she said. “Be willing to keep on learning from your teachers, coaches, parents and friends. Maintain a positive attitude, a helpful disposition, a willingness to try new experiences. Keep reading, be helpful, clean your rooms, practice your instruments, be good to each other, and keep smiling.”

Eighth Graders Move Up to High School

Eighth Graders Move Up to High School photo

The gymnasium at the Freeport High School was filled with excitement and anticipation, as J.W. Dodd Middle School family, friends and district staff and members of the board of education witnessed eighth grade students transition into ninth graders during the moving up ceremony.

The event provided beautiful performances by the Dodd Middle School Symphonic Orchestra and Select Chorus. Led by Director Dr. Sherill Spruill, the Select Chorus performed the national anthem and a riveting rendition of “A Million Dreams.” 

Dodd’s master and mistress of ceremonies, Jayden Easy and Ana James, delivered heartfelt speeches to their peers and recognized teachers who were instrumental throughout their journey at Dodd.

Board of Education President Michael Pomerico addressed the graduating class and inspired students to set their goals high. “It is fine if you have to struggle to get there. Don’t be discouraged when your path takes detours. Be determined, put in the effort and get yourself back on course. You have not made it to this point without the assistance of many supporters. Your families, teachers, administrators have all been there for you and they will continue to make your next giant leap to the high school.”

Prior to the ceremonial presentation of graduates, Dodd Principal Johane Ligondè urged students to enter the high school level with a plan. 

“If you have big dreams, you will create new paths. Your job is to start with your dream. Every single one of you should have some ideas of what it is that you would like to explore at the high school,” she said. “We have amazing opportunities at the high school. However, you have to decide to take them. You must advocate for yourself…and all the people around you will absolutely help you succeed.”

The program concluded with the Symphonic Orchestra performing of “Sine Nomine” by Ralph Vaughan Williams under the direction of ensemble directors Candice Mordhorst and Adam Rubin.

Students Craft Interactive Mural

Atkinson's sixth grade students in room 306 made an interactive #WhatLifts306 mural after learning about street artist Kelsey Montague’s #WhatLiftsYou movement.

This art project was part of the social and emotional learning program, where Ms. Mendolia and Mrs. Alexis facilitated weekly class meetings and discussed emotions and how students can navigate through them. Topics included positive values, success and failures, identifying emotions, stress, being respectful, bullying, self-esteem, conflict resolution, and responsibility. The #WhatLiftsYou movement has allowed students the opportunity to create art and think about what empowers them and how they can help others. 

Student reactions:

"What makes me happy and lifts me is my family because they make me feel like I can do anything." - Rogers

"Something that lifts me is to help people with things like homework and school work. I also love doing work with my friends." - Aaniyah

"What lifts me is getting a good grade on a test because it makes me feel proud." - Evelyn

Students Hear Astronaut’s Space Experience

Students Hear Astronaut’s Space Experience
It was a memorable day for Dodd Middle School technology and science students as they ventured to the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. They were invited to see a presentation given by astronaut Walt Cunningham, who was a Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 7 mission. Students were in awe as they listened to astronaut Cunningham share his views and experiences during his time in outer space.

Celebrating International Yoga Day

Celebrating International Yoga Day
Celebrating International Yoga Day 2
Celebrating International Yoga Day 3
Freeport School District students know the important role yoga plays as part of living a healthy lifestyle. On June 21, in honor of International Yoga Day, a special seventh grade assembly was held at J.W. Dodd Middle School. Led by Dodd teachers Katie Horan, Linda Salzer and Youth Empowerment Seminar Director Maddie Fountaine, the students discussed the importance of yoga and meditation, demonstrated various yoga poses and led the school in a breathing technique called straw breath. The benefits of yoga in sports were also discussed.

“Our philosophy has always been to educate the whole child,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham. “For some time, we have encouraged all students to focus on mindfulness and relaxation as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participation in International Yoga Day reinforces what our students are learning.”  

BOE Honors Employee Success

BOE Honors Employee Success photo

The Board of Education had an eventful night at its June 19 Board of Education meeting at New Visions School with a variety of recognitions to close the 2018-2019 school year. In addition to its annual Celebrating Success Employee Recognition tradition, the district honored outgoing board members President Michael Pomerico and Vice President Anthony Miller for their years of service to the community, and highlighted the staff members who were granted tenure.

For the Celebrating Success Employee Recognition, eight employees were honored for their individual accomplishments and for demonstrating values that helped positively advance the district organization, along with their contributions to the goals and objectives of the district, individual school and work unit. School principals introduced the recipients and board president Michael Pomerico presented each of them with a celebratory plaque.

This year’s honorees included Kerri Albarano, Barbara Crespi, Maria DiBlasio, David Gordon, Nelson Holland, Laura Lund, Raquel Marmol and Beth Rugolo. 

Board members also said their final farewells to outgoing board president Mr. Pomerico and vice president Mr. Miller. As a thank you for their dedication and years of service to the community, New Visions students presented a skit and sang “This Little Light of Mine” in both English and Spanish. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham expressed his appreciation for their efforts serving the board of education. 

“All the things we have accomplished in the district could not have been done without your support,” Dr. Kuncham said. “We thank you for your service on the school board and we wish you the very best.”

The final celebratory item included the board granting tenure to 23 staff members. This includes 17 teachers, five teaching assistants and Ruth Breidenbach, director of the Arts and Community Relations. 

The district congratulates all who were honored and thanks them for their outstanding efforts to the community. 

Student Awarded 2019 Rensselaer Medal

Student Awarded 2019 Rensselaer Medal
The district is proud to announce that Freeport High School 11th grade student Rosa Medina was awarded the 2019 Rensselaer Medal from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition to this honor, Rosa has also earned a $100,000 college merit scholarship from the institution, if she decides to attend in fall 2020. The full scholarship is a culmination of $25,000 she could receive for each of the four years. 

Rosa won this medal for being named the best science student in the junior class. This is based on her performance in science Regents exams in grades 8, 9 and 10, and also being named the best student in AP Physics. She is currently taking AP Calculus and was selected by Brookhaven National Lab for their High School Summer Research Program.

The Rensselaer Medal was first presented in 1916 with the goal to recognize the superlative academic achievements of young men and women, and to motivate students toward careers in science, engineering and technology. 

Going into her senior year at Freeport High School, Rosa will officially receive the Rensselaer Medal during the Honors Convocation in the fall of her first year if she attends. The college will also be hosting an open house for all enrolling medalists on Sept. 7. 

The district is proud of Rosa’s hard work and effort that led to this prestigious honor, and wishes her well in all her future endeavors. 

Giblyn Student Wins Museum Art Contest

Giblyn Student Wins Museum Art Contest
Giblyn Student Wins Museum Art Contest 2
The district is proud to congratulate Leo F. Giblyn Elementary School second grader Daniel Cubias on recently winning the Apollo at 50 Art Contest through the Cradle of Aviation Museum. 

Mrs. Marilyn Pignataro, teacher assistant for Daniel’s class, invited all students to enter the contest. For the activity, they were instructed to draw their own representation of the Apollo Moon Landing.  

Daniel’s drawing was the best among all second grade students who entered. For his win, Daniel received two complimentary tickets to go to the Cradle of Aviation Museum and a certificate.

Giblyn Raises Over $4K for Education

Giblyn Raises Over $4K for Education

Leo F. Giblyn School students raised more than $4,200 for the Freeport Educational Foundation by participating in a schoolwide Walk-A-Thon.

The students asked their friends and family to sponsor them as they walked down the Nautical Mile. During the march, local stores and restaurants came out to cheer them on and offered their own donations. 

In addition to the Walk-A-Thon, students who raised donations were entered into a drawing to be Principal for the Day. During the week of June 3, a different student was picked each day and executed several tasks as principal, such as assisting in the morning announcements, introducing the Spring Festival of the Arts, and helping around the school. Those selected included Helen Jeronimo, Anthony Kaufman, Jacob Lainez, Nicole Lopez and Ethan Rodriguez. In addition, Daniel Ramos, who raised the most money for the cause, chose to be a security guard for a day.

All students who raised money received a shoe to put on the school’s “Wall of Fame.” 

Freeport Schools and Community Honor Class of 2019

Freeport Schools and Community Honor Class of 2019 photo

Freeport High School was filled with excitement and anticipation as members of the Class of 2019 and their families joined members of the board of education, administration and community members for the district’s 51st annual Scholarship and Honors Program held on June 10.

Community organizations and various school groups generously donated more than $96,000 in scholarships which were awarded to deserving members of the Class of 2019 who met or exceeded the criteria in the areas of academics, leadership, athletics, the arts, the ability to succeed while overcoming obstacles, and outstanding community service. 

Freeport High School Principal Joseph Mille began the program by congratulating the students and thanking those who so generously donated to make this evening a success. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham expressed appreciation to all those who provided scholarships and congratulated the students on achieving their goals. “You have excelled in scholarship, character, service and leadership,” said Dr. Kuncham. “You exemplify your unwavering commitment to expand your intellectual curiosity and overcome adversity. Your scholarship sponsors have seen something valuable in you that makes you worthy of these recognitions.”

Board of Education President Michael Pomerico addressed the students and the scholarship donors. “You are our shining stars and examples of all the good things happening in Freeport Public Schools. We have enjoyed watching you grow into successful young adults,” said Mr. Pomerico. “Parents, family members and our community are all instrumental in our students’ success. Thank you to those scholarship donors who made this evening possible.”

The Class of 2019 valedictorian Leah Hochman and salutatorian Laura Chumpitaz were introduced and both were awarded medals for their outstanding achievements.

A special aspect of this event, is that the students did not know who the scholarship recipients would be until their names were announced. As each scholarship was announced, the donor presented the award to the student recipient who was applauded for his or her accomplishments.  


Dodd Swears in Peer Mediators

A team of 20 Dodd Middle School seventh graders took an oath in front of their parents and teachers during the annual swearing-in ceremony for the 2019-2020 school year’s Peer Mediation Program. Officiated by the Hon. Joy Watson, the ceremony came after the group successfully completed sixteen hours of training for the organization. 

One of the goals for the program is to help student volunteers develop relationships and communication skills that will transcend other areas of their lives. 

As peer mediators, they are trained under adult supervision to listen and help their classmates talk out and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Mediators do not take sides or make decisions for their peers; instead, they help them create their own resolutions when confronted with disputes. 

The Dodd team is on call to mediate these struggles and they look forward to working together to resolve any disagreements.

Spotlight on LI Schools News Radio 103.9 FM Interview with Students

Part 1
Part 2

Archer Hosts Family STEAM Night

Archer school hosted its annual Family STEAM Night event, where students teamed up with their families to brainstorm and complete tasks that focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math. They enjoyed a variety of activities to explore different STEAM phenomena. This included the LEGO challenge, cardboard challenge, arts and crafts, and more. 

Students Collaborate in Digital Storytelling

Life skills students from Freeport High School, Atkinson School and Dodd Middle School teamed up with students from the high school’s advertising and media class to create fun and interactive stories through computer science.

They used Google CS First Storytelling for the collaborative project and worked together in a virtual pen pal setting. With that, they saw their stories transformed into animation pieces through coding achieved by high school students.

Once their work was complete, they came together for the first time during a celebratory party and showcased their videos. They also handed out thank-you cards to the high school students who helped bring their stories to life.

This is the first time the district implemented this program and hopes to continue in the future. 

District Hosts Ribbon-cutting for Health Center

District Hosts Ribbon-cutting for Health Center

The district was proud to officially open the Freeport High School Based Health Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The brand-new establishment is in partnership with Family Health Centers, which is part of the LI Federally Qualified Health Clinics.

The center is equipped with three staff members, two exam rooms, a lab and mental health office. It provides a wide variety of services to students, including checkups, physicals, vaccines, sports physicals, productive health, behavioral health and referrals to specialists. All services are provided to students free of charge. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham welcomed everyone to the open house and expressed the district’s excitement to officially open the center.

“This is a culmination of a plan we’ve had for several years. Freeport is proud of the amazing opportunities we offer to our students, as well as our focus on the whole child approach. The well-being of our students is of paramount importance to us. This clinic is one more way that we can meet the physical and mental health needs of our students, offering both medical care and the ability to meet with a clinical social worker,” Dr. Kuncham said. “Since its soft opening in January, the clinic is becoming busier and receiving positive feedback. We are grateful to have been afforded this opportunity and look forward to the continued growth of this wonderful clinic.”

During the ribbon-cutting, the clinic received proclamations and certificates from New York State representatives, including Sen. John Brooks, Assemblywoman Judy Griffin and Assemblywoman Taylor Raynor. 

First Grader Named Winner in Long Island Speech, Hearing Contest

First Grader Named Winner in Long Island Speech, Hearing Contest
The district is excited to announce that Bayview first grader Sherry Ann Andrews was selected as a winner for an annual poster contest hosted by the Long Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

This goes hand in hand with Better Hearing and Speech Month, which raises awareness about communication disorders and available treatment options that can improve the quality of life for those who experience problems speaking, understanding or hearing.  

Sherry’s win came after Bayview’s speech language pathologist Mrs. Jamie Rasulo invited all of the students to participate in the program. For the contest, she crafted a poster that exemplified communication. She was recognized by the organization and received a gift card for her win. 

The district congratulates Sherry on her hard work in the contest.

2019-20 District-Wide School Safety Plan


Celebrates Retirees’ 797 Years of Service

BOE Celebrates Retirees

It was an exciting evening at Atkinson School, as the Board of Education and administrators honored staff members who will be retiring from the district during a special ceremony. 

Joined by their families and friends, the retirees celebrated a collective 797 years of service to the district, students, community and public education, and were presented with commemorative plaques, flowers and gifts.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham said district members will miss their professional expertise, personal touch and friendship.

“It’s bittersweet as I think of the tremendous impact you have made on the lives of our children in Freeport and certainly the impact you made for all of us who work here with you. We are happy for you and thankful for all your years of outstanding contributions to the organization’s goals, but, most importantly, shaping the futures of young minds and hearts. You have put in place the very foundations that have made this organization such a great success,” Dr. Kuncham said. “It is not possible to measure what each of you have meant to our district. You are leaving a lasting legacy with many giant steps that you have taken here. Best wishes to each of you on your new career as retirees. You have been our superheroes. Be the superheroes in your retirement. Let new days be adventurous, healthy, happy and everything beyond your expectations. Congratulations to each of you.”


New Visions Helps Unveil Mural

New Visions Helps Unveil Mural
New Visions Helps Unveil Mural
New Visions Helps Unveil Mural
Fourth grade classes from New Visions along with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham were invited to the Freeport Memorial Library to cut the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony of the Village of Freeport mural.

Artist Ji Yong Kim was selected by the Long Island Arts Council in Freeport to paint a mural on the library building that would reflect the history of the Village of Freeport. This was part of an AARP Community Challenge Grant.

The library held a ceremony on the lawn outside the front entrance to officially unveil the completed mural. Prior to the ribbon-cutting, fourth grade students attended a history of Freeport learning session, which was then followed by light refreshments in the memorial room.  

ALS Ride for Life Visits Giblyn School

ALS Ride for Life made a stop at Leo F. Giblyn School during their crusade to raise awareness about ALS. This is the sixth year the nonprofit organization included the school in their tour.

Christopher Pendergast, ALS Ride for Life founder who is battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, led the excursion. He also visited the students in November 2018 in preparation of the special event. He educated them about the disease and how the organization works to raise awareness and funds to find a cure.

This is one of the school’s most treasured events of the year. For the day, students and staff all wore blue, white or Yankees shirts to honor Lou Gehrig, who also had ALS, and displayed their signs of support for those battling with ALS. 

Music teacher Ms. Shannon Abramovitz had two moving songs prepared, one by the fourth grade, and one by the entire school of more than 600 students. This year, families generously raised $2,300 to support the cause.

Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit

Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit photo
Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit photo 2
Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit photo 3
Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit photo 4
Ninth Grade Chorus Venture to Detroit photo 5
The Freeport High School’s ninth grade select chorus participated in its annual spring trip to Detroit, Michigan. 

Under the guidance of director Tim Warner, students returned to Mr. Warner’s hometown and visited several historic sites. They toured the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, where they viewed the chair of President Abraham Lincoln and the limousine where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. They also walked on the bus and sat in the seat where Rosa Parks once sat.  

In addition to their adventures, they competed and earned second place in the High School Class AA Choral Division at Cedar Point. They also performed for the eighth graders at Pierce Middle School in Waterford, Michigan.

The students had a wonderful time throughout the trip, where they expanded their knowledge of history and shared their award-winning musical talents. 

Archer Raises Funds for Foundation

Archer Raises Funds for Foundation photo
Archer Raises Funds for Foundation photo 2
Archer Street school hosted its Archer Children Exercise Simultaneously (ACES) event, where they raised $700 for the Freeport Educational Foundation (FEF).

During the event the entire school went outside to the playground while gym teachers led warm-up exercises. After that, everyone joined together and walked a few laps around the school building. Funds were collected leading up to the day and parents were notified that the event was intended to raise money for the FEF.

Students Awarded for Achievements

Students Awarded for Achievements photo

Freeport High School’s junior and senior students were recognized for their hard work and determination throughout the school year during the school’s Academic Awards Breakfast.

During the celebration, 21 awards and scholarships were distributed to students who demonstrated academic excellence, achievement, community service, leadership and educational growth in a variety of areas. These subjects included science, social science, American history and more.

Awards were presented to students from representative from New York State, Town of Hempstead and Nassau County. Several institutes and universities also provided awards, including George Washington University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Saint Michael’s College and University of Rochester.

The district is proud of its students and congratulates them for their accomplishments.

Daring Journalist Visits High School

Daring Journalist Visits High School

Freeport High School’s journalism and AP English students had the exciting opportunity to witness an interview of American participatory adventure journalist and author Jim Clash. Stacey Severn of StarTalk Radio conducted the interview, which took place in front of students in the school’s library.

While answering Ms. Severn’s questions, Mr. Clash shared his experiences as a journalist and writing for Forbes Magazine, where he has engaged in the world’s most daring exploits, including bobsledding with the U.S. Olympic team, piloting a super-boat at 140 MPH, flying to 84,000 feet at Mach 2.6 in a MiG, bull fighting, and climbing the Matterhorn mountain. He informed students that his next adventure will take place in outer space, after purchasing a ticket to fly with Virgin Galactic. 

After the interview, Mr. Clash answered student questions about his journey and provided words of advice on pursuing dreams.

“You guys can do anything you want. I’ve done all these things because I was aggressive, I was motivated but I’m a regular guy,” he said. “I created this dream job and any of you can do the same thing. Pursue your passion and work hard at it and don’t give up. If I can inspire one of you to do something like that, we’ve done our job here.”

District staff and administration presented Mr. Clash with a framed photo thanking him for his visit and then enjoyed lunch and refreshments. 

Newly Elected Trustees

Newly Elected Trustees photo
Congratulations to newly elected Board of Education Trustees Maria Jordan Awalom and Gabriela Castillo.

Bayview Students Blast Off Into Outer Space

Bayview Students Blast Off Into Outer Space photo

Bayview school students rocketed into space travel to explore and experience the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing for its Discovery Day.

Several stations were set up throughout the school that provided hands-on educational exercises. These included astronaut training, mission control, lunar landing collection, lunar maker spacer, a virtual reality coloring experience and a planetarium. In addition, they also ventured to the school’s auditorium to view a clip of the Apollo 11 spaceflight landing on the moon. 

During mission control, students had the amazing opportunity to listen to space sounds and, by using Google Expedition goggles, witness the moon as astronauts did when they landed on the moon.

Students had a blast and were kept engaged throughout the day in this unique learning experience.

Welcome, Benjamin Roberts!

Welcome, Benjamin Roberts photo
The district is proud to announce that Benjamin Roberts has been appointed as the new assistant superintendent for personnel and special projects. The Board of Education appointed Mr. Roberts to this position effective April 27, 2019, following the retirement of Dr. Mary Bediako. Before joining the district, Mr. Roberts served in the Glen Cove Central School District as an elementary principal and in the Shenendehowa Central School District as an elementary principal. 

He holds a master of liberal studies from Stony Brook University, a school district administrator certificate from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Science in elementary-early secondary education from SUNY Cortland. 

Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills

Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills photo
Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills photo 2
Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills photo 3
Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills photo 4
Bayview’s Mock Trial Team Showcases Skills photo 5
Trial was in session at Bayview school, as the fourth grade Mock Trial team hosted a dress rehearsal on May 9 in preparation for its Mock Trial Competition at Suffolk County Community College. The assigned case was the people of the State of New York against Michael Walker.

With a prosecution team and a defense team, each student was assigned different roles of either a lawyer, witness or alternate. With that, they showcased their skills in front of their families and sharpened their roles before the big competition. 

Both Bayview’s prosecution team and defense team contested against other districts, with the prosecution team winning the trial against North Shore Glen Head’s fifth grade defense team.

The judges were very impressed with their performances and look forward to seeing them again next year.

New Visions 2019 Talent Show

New Visions 2019 Talent Show p

New Visions was alive with exciting entertainment for the 2019 New Visions Talent Show.

The annual event features students from kindergarten to fourth grade and is produced by fourth grade teacher Tiffany Grimes and music teacher Crystal Leotaud. This year, the show offered 26 talented acts of dancing, singing and gymnastics, as well as students playing the piano and violin. 




Human Relations Took First Place in Contest

Human Relations Took First Place in Contest photo
Human Relations Took First Place in Contest photo 2
Human Relations Took First Place in Contest photo 3
The FHS Human Relations Club has won first place in the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights National Speak Truth to Power Video Contest High School Category from over 1,000 entries. 

The video was created by Christopher Bastida, president of the Human Relations Club, teacher Mr. Dan Ciamaricone and teacher and club adviser Ms. Pamela Mary Schmidt. Students learned about human rights and became champions of change and social justice while creating the video. In addition, the film was recently showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The development of this video adds to the club’s other initiatives that help raise awareness and advocate the fight against bullying and anti-Semitism. The club also sold bracelets with the phrase created by Holocaust survivor Werner Reich “Be J.U.S.T. a Ripple of Hope.”

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